Training Exercise Resistance Band w/ Bungee

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Product Description


If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best! Take your athletic ability to new heights with this training resistance band designed to help all athletes—from amateur to professional levels—achieve athletic excellence. Stretching from 8 to 22 feet, this resistance band is guaranteed to maximize strength, speed, and much more. Basketball, baseball, football, all the way to track and field, this training essential will prove to be an athlete’s best friend. FEATURES: Training resistance band Maximizes athletes’ strength, speed, and leaping ability Adjustable belt designed with a free-motion ring Train with resistance at nearly any angle Versatile training geared toward athlete’s specific sport Sheathed flex cord stretches from 8 to 22 feet Able to even withstand the rigorous training of pro athletes DIMENSIONS: Cord Dimensions (no tension): 112”(L) Cord Dimensions (fully stretched): 261”(L) Anchor Belt Dimensions: 43”(L) Weight Belt Dimensions: 57”(L) x 4”(W) Weight: 13 lbs. SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Black Material: Dacron, Nylon No assembly required