The PERFECT baking craft for you, kids, friends and loved ones! Foodstirs baking craft kits and quick-scratch mixes are organic, GMO-free, free of artificial preservatives, dyes and flavors & simply delicious!!



Who says something as magical as baking should be intimidating? It’s time to bring the mystery behind being a good baker to an end. Foodstirs™. A little convenience. A lot of taste.

A much needed baking revolution. Finally, the tools are all here: organic, non-GMO ingredients that any health nut would be totally cool with.

It’s time for Mom, Dad, the Kids, old friends and new friends to stop feeling scared about baking, and start feeling great about how that batch turned out. It’s easy. It’s quicker than scratch. It’s delicious. It’s only 25 minutes of your time.

Piece of cake, right?


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