Maternity Belly Band

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Product Description

  • Ultra-Comfortable: Our belly band is made of a soft breathable material specifically designed to be worn under prenatal and postpartum clothing during your day to day activities without limiting movement or compromising comfort.
  • Innovative Design: Our maternity belt has an easy-to use multi-layered Velcro straps for an easy & secure fit. The first one fastens while the second and third ensures a comfortable fit and can be adjusted throughout the day.
  • Prenatal Relief: Our belly wraps are designed to wrap around your belly throughout the various stages of your pregnancy. Imagine the relief you’ll experience from hip, pelvic, sacroiliac, and spinal pain while also reducing the burden of lower back pressure and muscle soreness from the extra pregnancy weight.
  • Postpartum Relief: Our abdominal binder aids in preventing and correcting poor posture after giving birth, while also promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing pelvic tightness. Our multi-layer velcro helps ease the transition of the uterus as it shrinks back to its normal size.
  • Take Back Your Waist: Re-define your midsection and support your back with a trimmer waist as you use the special compression straps to tightly wrap your abdominals for ongoing support. Makes a perfect gift for both expecting & new moms!