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Turmeric Pineapple & Kiwi Kale Smoothie

Posted by Lahela Kahau on

Turmeric Pineapple & Kiwi Kale Smoothies: Are loaded with flavor AND nutrition! Pineapples are packed with Vitamins and Minerals, Turmeric is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Kiwi improves your digestive system and cardiovascular health, Bananas are one of the highest sources of potassium, and Kale is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. This smoothie is great in the morning for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.  Ingredients 2 cups frozen pineapple 3/4 cups unsweetened almond milk 1/2 tsp turmeric 2 kiwi 1 banana 2 cups kale Instructions Blend the ingredients together. Serve and enjoy!

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